At The Kiddie Patch Early Learning Center, we honor your child as an individual. We give each child the personal care they deserve based on their needs. We know that not every child will grow or learn on the same level, which is why we have a philosophy that we live by at The Kiddie Patch Early Learning Center.


• Every child deserves the highest quality of care and instruction

• Children's early experiences affect how they perceive the world throughout their lives

• Each child is an individual and deserves to be treated with respect

Each child learns and grows at a different pace. We encourage children to embrace their individuality.


We treat your child as an individual


  • Structured and unstructured activities

  • Individual and group interaction

  • Inside and outside play

  • Meals and snacks

  • Nap and rest time

  • Special holiday celebrations

  • Field trips

We believe children should enjoy learning:

Our philosophy helps each child grow

kids on a lawn kids outside